Predicting Movie Ratings by Roger Ebert

From entertaining B-movies to Hollywood summer blockbusters, I’ve always enjoyed watching and discussing movies with friends, breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly. When it comes to critiquing movies professionally, no one had a more talked about review than Roger Ebert. The second project at Metis focused on using web scraping techniques and building a linear regression model to learn more about a topic of our choice and see if we could predict certain outcomes. For this project, I wanted to analyze how Ebert reviewed and rated movies and asked the question, Can we predict how Roger Ebert would rate movies if he were alive today?

Writing Faster Code with Cython

Choosing a programming language when wanting to learn how to code can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of different languages out there, how do you know which one is best start out with?

MTA Data Analysis

The first project at Metis focused on using Python and Pandas to analyze multiple data sets. I worked with Eric and Ming. We acted as consultants for a fictional non-profit organization, WomenTechWomenYes (WTWY). The organization has a summer gala at the beginning of every summer, and have asked us to help out. WTWY wanted us to use MTA subway data to help optimize the placement of their street teams in order to gather the most signatures, ideally from people who will attend the gala and donate.

Hello World

I graduated from Michigan State University in May 2017 with a bachelor’s of science in computer science. While I was earning my degree, I enjoyed taking classes covering various topics of computer science and software developement and gaining relevant experience outside of the classroom through internships. I also love math! I wanted to explore other topics in math outside the required calculus courses and took extra classes such as Linear Algebra, Matrix Algrebra, Abstract Algebra / Number Theory, and Statistics. These classes where all great, but how could I leverage what I’ve learned and combine that with my computer science knowledge?